Emergency Eye Care on Saturday (9am -2pm)

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Emergency Eye Care on Saturday (9am -2pm)

Sudden eye problems?
temporarily closed on Saturdays !!

Address: Budapest, 1012 Tábor street  5.

Phone: +3630-642-68-56 or 0616125542

We provide emergency services for eye infections, injuries, sudden vision problems.

Symptoms and conditions indicate that you need immediate medical attention:

  • A sudden loss or blurred of vision
  • Pain and redness – Pink eye
  • Seeing haloes, or circles around lights
  • Experiencing new floaters
  • Bulging or swelling of the eye
  • Eye trauma
  • Eyelids that are stuck together upon waking
  • Foreign body feeling


Eye infections are very serious, and can worsen rapidly. Pink eye is one infection that requires emergency eyecare to prevent it from spreading and damaging your vision. Signs of this infection include red and watery eyes, itching, swelling, eye discharge, discomfort and blurry vision.


Many eye injuries require immediate treatment to prevent permanent damage or vision loss.

If an object penetrates your eye, obtain emergency eyecare immediately. Do not try to remove the object yourself and avoid rubbing your eyes, as both actions could cause further damage.

If you have been splashed or sprayed in the eye with a chemical substance, you need to be seen by a doctor immediately. Severe chemical exposures can cause serious eye damage and vision loss, so time is of the essence.




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